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Rap sensation Oxxxymiron remembers his hometown roots
26.02.2013, 17:13

"'WE'VE been partying for about an hour now,' said one of my new companions as we made our way towards a house party in Canning Town, near London's O2 Arena.

On the one side I have Yura, for whose 21st birthday an assortment of Eastern Europeans have gathered to celebrate; on the other I have Miron Fyodorov, aka Oxxxymiron, whose anonymity on the streets of east London belies a growing fame across the Russian-speaking world.

After years of grafting as an undiscovered rap artist, Oxxxymiron has enjoyed a rise to stardom in Russia since March last year. He has been named Discovery Of The Year at the 2012 Russian GQ Awards, and his music videos have regularly attracted more than 1m views on YouTube. However, some of his lyrical skill was forged on the streets of Slough rather than St Petersburg.

The 28-year-old lived next to Burnham Train Station for four years, and took his GCSE and A-level exams at Burnham Grammar School, in Hogfair Lane.

The natural performer, who worked part-time at Somerfield supermarket in Cippenham, studied English literature at Balliol College, Oxford - not bad for someone who learned the language through a combination of Ernest Hemingway and Eminem.

Oxxxymiron said: "My English was a mixture of Queen's English, bookish English and a German accent. I listened to American rap as well, so I was using a lot of slang words.

"I was saying thing like 'innit' during my interview for Oxford - I think that's part of the reason they took me."

The rapper moved to Slough in 2000 when his physicist father secured a job at Brunel University, spending four years in Burnham before departing for Oxford.

Despite possessing an obvious intelligence, he credits his history teacher at Burnham, Dr Foster, and a two-week spell at Eton College Summer School for his academic success.

He said: "Dr Foster went to Oxford herself, but I had never considered it. She told me that judging by my results I should be thinking about applying to Oxbridge; I thought she said Uxbridge.

"She was the only one who gave the impression that she really cared." During nearly 90 minutes of chat against the backdrop of booming bass and booze, Oxxxymiron opened up about the Russian rap scene - 'it's like the English scene 15 years a go' - the linguistic secrets behind his success - 'the Russian language is one of the most beautiful in the world, and you can be so creative with it' - and his future aspirations.

He said: "I just want to be able to pay the bills with what I'm doing. We have a saying in Russia that basically means 'you can't put respect in your pocket'.

"I want to keep evolving. I don't want to become crazy rich. I've lived on basic things for a long time now, so I'll get by."

To listen to some of the rapper's music, visit www.youtube.com/user/oxxxymironofficial "

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